We are all in this world together.
One soul, one shared goal-- to thrive, however defined.
At Dignity Capital, we believe "thriving" means Dignity.
Our goal is to mobilize capital, wisdom, contacts and electrifying passion to ignite fundamental change.

We believe that people can do well by doing good.  

Our world faces key issues which are universal across national boundaries, cultures and religions.  

These issues are intrinsically intertwined.  As are we.

Elizabeth Funk, Chairman and CEO of Dignity Capital, explains our mission.


Dev Equity aims to help improve the lives of people living in low-income countries by investing in private companies that can make a positive social and environmental impact.

By providing long-term capital and direct support, Dev Equity helps innovative companies in select Latin American countries expand their growth, profitability and impact. 


Copia is a consumer catalog order and delivery system for nonperishable and durable goods serving people in the peri-urban and rural villages of the developing world.  

By making accessible a wide range of consumer goods from thread to sewing machines, from nails to hammers, from matches to solar lights, Copia’s mission is to improve the quality of life of people in rural villages transforming them into empowered global consumers. 



Abacus Wealth Management is an innovative investment advisory firm.  In conjunction with Imprint Capital, Abacus has created a groundbreaking new "Fund of Funds" for social investing, making it easier and more efficient for investors to put their money to work supporting profitable, high-impact ventures. 




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